Margarita Kindergarten Patisia, Galatsi, Nea Philadelphia, Ag Anargyroi, Perissos Kypseli


The Preschool Department is established and operates based on the guidelines of the Ministry of Education, as it belongs to the Primary Compulsory Education.

Our goal is the comprehensive development of children of this age on a cognitive, emotional, mental and social level, within the broader goals of preschool education.

The design and implementation of the educational program follows the experiential approach of knowledge, through the development of thematic units and work plans (Project Method), emphasizing the interdisciplinarity and the holistic perception of knowledge.

The educational program of the Preschool Department is formulated according to the Interdisciplinary Unified Framework of Curricula for the Kindergarten (DEPPS-APS). Through the planning and development of activities in respective cognitive fields, the learning objectives are approached and the comprehensive development of the children is achieved.

In a supportive, safe and engaging learning environment, children gain experiences, approach complex concepts and acquire new knowledge. Respect for each child's individuality and personal learning pace are important factors in developing the program and are taken into account when evaluating their development.

Our program

  • Language

  • Mathematics

  • Child & environment

  • Creation & expression (art, theater, music)

  • Information & Communication Technology

  • English

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