Margarita Kindergarten Patisia, Galatsi, Nea Philadelphia, Ag Anargyroi, Perissos Kypseli


The psychosomatic development of the child, at this age stage, should be at a satisfactory level of maturity. Our main priority is to help children overcome psychomotor barriers, which create distance from the group and difficulty in integration.

We seek the optimal development of the child's means of expression, so that he understands the psycho-emotional and mental space that belongs to him in the group. To be able to shape and promote his personality with rights and obligations, to learn to cooperate, strengthening his self-confidence, a source of the right and effective conquest of life.

More specifically, we create a secure framework for verbal and non-verbal communication, in which children move comfortably and freely. We cultivate a climate of recognition of all team members without exclusions and marginalizations.

This section is crucial, as the child goes from one environment with very flexible programs to another with more stringent structures that is a vestibule of the next groups that close the cycle of preschool education.

The program is based on the learning and emotional needs of children of this age and focuses on enhancing their communication, language and social skills.

Our program

  • Language

  • Mathematics

  • Environment & child

  • Music-kinetic education

  • Rhythmic- Dance

  • Theatrical play - Puppetry

  • Visual Arts - Aesthetic Education

  • English

  • Participation in events & excursions

  • Painting

  • Fine & coarse mobility exercises

  • Sensory exercises

  • Team Games

  • Storytelling

  • Storytelling

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