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Our History

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Our involvement with preschool children begins in 1972. Our goal from the beginning was to help the child acquire the ability to meet the requirements of a modern education.

The modern conception of the upbringing of the child of this age moves in a context where many factors enter, which must function in a balanced and moderate way in order to be correct and effective.

The preschooler must move in an environment of protection, an environment of boundaries, responsibility, confidence, certainty, mutual respect. It is necessary to have many stimuli that push him to deal with things, to perceive situations and to try to interpret them. The care of the school lies in the proper management of the child's successes and failures to help and protect him.

Knowledge has many sources and modes of transmission. Regarding the school environment, great care must be taken to ensure that it is provided responsibly, that it is scientifically sound and that it is offered in an accessible and comprehensible way. A holistic approach to knowledge is necessary as it uses cognitive reserves, experiential experiences, the emotional world, the relationship with each child's society to achieve its goals. In this way the child's knowledge is consolidated, and there are no doubts that confuse him.

The means to be used must be selected, they must be auxiliary tools of the teachers who try to offer the knowledge and the emotional development of the child.

A child is ready to attend the next, from pre-school age level, when he is disciplined in rules, has self-confidence, has acquired the relevant knowledge for his age, has acquired remarkable fine and gross mobility, knows how to respect and requires them to respect it, can work well together and make the school environment feel like a place of supply and creation.

Of course, the proper functioning of a preschool space is not an easy task, nor is it done with words and slogans. It requires a lot of serious work. It presupposes competence, character, level, sensitivities, courage, constant information, filtering of innovations, pedagogical conscience, respect for individuality and individuality, the sense of the necessary balances within the team, willingness to offer.

We keep trying. We maintain the taste and appetite that we had when we started, after all, it became our way of life. Easy solutions away from us. We know the road well after so many years and we use this experience a lot because it shows us the measure and the way for the best result.

At the end of the year, we evaluate the result and do not hesitate to correct something that did not work as planned. Most of the time, typing the results of our effort, we find that we are within our goals and expectations and this pleases us very much. Considering that these goals and expectations have nothing to do with naked and sterile knowledge, but emerge from an environment in which there has been a ferment with crisis, aesthetics, art, rivalry, humanity, elements that are a prerequisite for a worthwhile and creative life. A life with content that follows in the footsteps of the right human destiny, we feel we have succeeded.

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