Margarita Kindergarten Patisia, Galatsi, Nea Philadelphia, Ag Anargyroi, Perissos Kypseli


The child at this age is characterized by intense egocentrism and very little knowledge of their body (self) and their relationship with others, elements crucial for building his personality and normal development.

The child of this age, understands that he has acquired skills that he did not have (he walks steadily, his verbal communication is much better, his perception has also improved a lot) and these skills give him a dynamism for exploring a wider field and more complex things. That is where our intervention takes place with encouragement, with respect for any failures, forging his patience and perseverance.

Our efforts are aimed at:

  • In the physical, social & emotional development of children , through the self-awareness of each child, the control of his body and movements, the acquaintance with the environment around him and others, thus creating dynamic relationships with the team

  • Reducing his egocentrism and better understanding of his body through the development of sensory exercises and motor games, experimenting with materials & objects

  • The confirmation by the child that he owns proportional space within the group.

  • Learning simple rules of conduct and hygiene

  • In the cultivation of speech (mother tongue development), so that children can express themselves and participate in discussions.


Our program includes:

  • Free, kinetic, symbolic game

  • Games / exercises for fine & rough mobility

  • Color Games

  • Listening and distinguishing sounds and rhythm

  • Learning songs

  • Rhythm games & contact with musical instruments

  • Reading Fairy Tales - Children's Stories

  • Theatrical play- Imitation- Puppetry

  • Music Kinetics

  • Crafts - constructions & painting

  • Hand molding of malleable materials (plasticine, clay

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